Nancy and Anthony Woodyard started our Adopt-a-Frog program to honor the memory of their sweet daughter Tessa, who sadly passed away due to complications from RSV.  Tessa had received a frog from another facility and her parents were amazed at how this simple bean bag helped comfort her. 

A 'frog' is a beanbag positioning aid that's shaped like one of those amiable amphibians.  Originally designed by a NICU nurse, a frog helps with comfortable positioning for an infant's head, neck, or hips.  It can be adjusted for special positioning needs, or as an extra set of hands, and gives the infant a feeling of being snuggled.

Through Family Support Network, the Woodyards started the Adopt-a-Frog program so that all babies who could benefit from a frog receive one. Our annual goal is to purchase 100 frogs for 100 local babies. At only $15 (per frog), you can make this a reality.  Please click the blue box below to support this program.