Baby Box FAQ

FSNCC is a proud distributor for The Baby Box Company!

The Baby Box Co., inspired by a Finnish tradition, is an innovative, integrated program equipping parents with education and resources to give their babies a safe start in life. Baby Boxes can be used as a safe sleep space for a baby's first five to six months of life.  One of our main goals is educating parents on safe sleep practices in an effort to help reduce SIDS. We believe the education component of this initiative is equally, if not more, important as providing physical resources to improve overall child health care outcomes.

Baby Box University offers video content, guides and tutorials such as brain development activities, breastfeeding resources, early father engagement tips and much more, to empower parents with broader knowledge on how to best care for their infants.



What do I do to get my baby box?

  • Register online with Baby Box University.
  • Watch a series of short videos about infant care and safe sleep.
  • Take and pass a brief test.
  • Print or capture a screenshot of the code certifying completion of the program. 
  • Bring the code to the Education Center desk at Women's Hospital Monday - Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm or call FSNCC to schedule an appointment. The completion code should be in the following format: NCC-XXX-XXXX

I live too far from your location to pick my box up - can you mail it to me?

FSNCC is a pick-up location only. We do not mail the boxes. Once the program officially launches in North Carolina (projected late 2018), you will be able to get a box shipped to you directly from The Baby Box Co.

Baby Box Co. Cautions:

  • Do not use the bassinet it you cannot exactly follow the accompanying instructions.
  • Do not use the bassinet for a child who can roll over or who has reached the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Do not place in or near this bassinet any cord, strap or similar item that could become wrapped around a child's neck.
  • Do not place the bassinet near a window or a patio door where a child could reach the cord of a blind or curtain and be strangled.
  • Check the bassinet regularly before using it and do not use it if any parts are loose or missing or if there are any signs of damage.  Do not substitute parts.  Contact the manufacturer if replacement parts or additional instructions are needed.
  • Use a mattress that is no thicker than 3.8 cm and is of such a size that, when it is pushed firmly against any side of the bassinet, it does not leave a gap of more than 3 cm between the matress and any part of the sides of the bassinet.
  • Children can suffocate on soft bedding.  Do not place pillows, comforters or soft mattresses in the bassinet.

How long will my baby be able to use the Baby Box?

Our recommendation is for babies to cease using their Baby Box as a primary sleep space once they can pull themselves up independently (around 5-6 months of age). A baby who can roll, however, is perfectly safe inside his or her Baby Box, and the box will not tip over as long as it is on a sturdy surface.

How do most parents use the Baby Box?

Most parents use their Baby Box as a safe spot for baby to sleep at night. These parents generally keep their Baby Box right next to their bed.

Other parents use the Baby Box as a place for baby to relax or nap during the day; they often keep the Baby Box in the kitchen or living room and use it while they are in that room. Baby can rest safely while mom and dad are busy cooking, folding laundry, taking care of other kids, and so on. Once baby is too big for the Baby Box, it can be re-purposed as a storage box for toys, as a keepsake chest, or as a fun educational upcycling project!

What comes in the Baby Box?

Each shipment of boxes that we receive from The Baby Box Company comes with different toiletries and baby products.  Each box comes with a bag of freebies, a mattress pad, and fitted sheet.

Are there any special warnings for the Baby Box?

The Baby Box Co. required warnings are large type and clear on the exterior of every box. We also ask that you exercise common safe sleep practices while handling your Baby Box.  In addition, please do not transport the Baby Box while the baby is inside as this presents a tripping/falling hazard. Always keep the Baby Box on the floor or on a sturdy, wide surface such as a coffee table.

What are the care instructions for the sheets? 

Wash your 100% cotton fitted sheets in warm (not hot) water, and then tumble dry on low. Do not dry clean, and if you iron the sheets, do not let the iron's temperature exceed 110℃.